AM – Automation with passion since over 30 years

One precondition for efficient intralogistics is a holistic solution adapted perfectly to the respective requirements which, through its superior quality, ensures safe, uninterrupted operation of the facility. To achieve this, you need an experienced partner who plans intelligently and is able to provide all necessary deliverables from one single source. We are that partner.

Starting out as constructors and manufacturers of warehouse facility and materials handling control technology in 1986, we have since grown to become successful systems providers for all purposes regarding intralogistics, automation and control technology. We do not provide off-the-rack solutions since no system is exactly like any other.

Whether it’s about conceptual planning, implementation, post-sales service after construction or successful refurbishment: AM-Automation is your partner who always takes the broader view to develop and implement cost-efficient solutions for your benefit.

Norbert Golz, managing director of AM-Automation GmbH